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What Are The Financial Benefits of Installing Passive Fire Protection For My Business?

Save on commercial building insurance with passive fire protection

In short, lots, there’s a whole array of both financial and non-financial benefits associated with the installation or upgrade of passive fire protection systems within your property. We’ll unpack them in a moment, however, to ensure we’re on the same page, let us start by answering the all-important question: What is passive fire protection? 

So, What Is Passive Fire Protection?

The PFP method focuses on passive ways in which a fire can be slowed, it enforces fire safety measures that will prevent a fire and its smoke from spreading through a building or property. Allowing occupants time to safely vacate the building following fire safety protocols. Why is it passive I hear you ask? Essentially there is no manual activation or movement needed like you might have with manual fire alarms or fire extinguishers, you don’t need to do anything. That’s not to say passive fire safety measures make active ones redundant, not at all, both are needed to ensure safety in evacuation and if you choose to protect the structure of the building in the instance of a fire. Passive fireproofing includes methods like sealing, compounding and creating barriers in cavities and empty spaces preventing the spread of toxic smoke, gasses and fire. 

For more information on passive and active fire protection and what they entail, read our comparative blog here. 

Cost Benefits Of Implementing Passive Fire Protection 

Consider the safety of your building and its occupants – invest in passive fire protection

1. Reduce Property Damages

Minimise property damage when faced with a blaze. Passive fire protection methods reduce the damages caused by fires to a property due to the incorporation of fire-resistant materials and construction designs that help contain the spread of fire. Therefore, structural damage is slowed and minimised in the time it takes emergency services to arrive. Firefighters can also extinguish fires faster due to the limited spread. Thus resulting in lower repair costs. 

2. Lower Insurance Premiums 

If this isn’t tempting enough we don’t know what is! Integrated passive fire protection systems within a building structure will be recognised and factored into insurance costs by your insurance provider due to the reduced risk of losses. Reduced fire risks are highly advantageous and appreciated by insurance companies.  Saving you some cash!

3. Increase Safety

Do you take the safety of your staff or residents seriously?  Create a safer environment and invest in your occupant’s safety by reducing the likelihood of accidents and boosting morale too! Your staff will appreciate the safety and preventative measures you have installed to ensure a safe and secure work environment.

4. Higher Property Value & Desirability

Wouldn’t you be delighted to know that the building you’ve been looking to occupy has already integrated a fabulously efficient fire protection system? It could always be the final benefit that seals the deal for a potential sale, making it more attractive in the buyer consideration process. In addition, down to the efforts you’ve taken to implement the fire protection systems your property value will naturally be much higher than if it was without.

5. Lower Your Environmental Impact 

Looking to reduce heating and cooling costs? Air sealing improves thermal efficiency and increases fire protection by sealing ensures heat escape is minimal, while also keeping cool air in during warmer months. Reduce energy waste all year round while improving your building’s fire protection. 

6. Ensure Compliance 

Is your building fire-compliant? Don’t run the risks of hefty fines and expensive lawsuits. Ensure you stay compliant with building codes and regulations. Ensure your building is surveyed or book in with your local fire prevention business for a free consultation. Don’t forget to ensure your staff are properly trained in fire safety measures too! 

7. Faster Turn Around Times 

Minimise disruption caused by a building fire with quicker turnaround times when building repairs are carried out following a building fire. Quickly get back to doing what you do best in your building. Passive fire protection systems could also help prevent irreversible damage to not only the building infrastructure but also reduce damage to warehouse stock and minimise the risk of loss of revenue. Maintain continuity and protect your business reputation. Business as usual all!

Financially Benefit From Passive Fire Protection 

Minimise damages caused by fires, increase return on investment, reduce insurance premiums and importantly ensure the safety of your building’s occupants with sustainable fireproofing solutions. Integrate passive fire safety measures into the construction of your building or your existing structure with Fire Immunity, investing in your business, structure and its occupants. 

Fireproof Your Business With Fire Immunity 

Ensure the safety of your employees and residents while minimising property damage in the event of a fire with passive fire protection methods. Protect your building with the latest fire-safe technology.  Provide structural integrity, safety and a strong defence against the spread of fire with Fire Immunity. Specialising in compounding, air sealing, compartmentation, fire barriers and structural protection contact Fire Immunity today for a free consultation in fireproofing your business. 

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