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Putting elements in place to create a safe environment from fire in your Exter residence or business is achievable in a number of different passive avenunes via Fire Immunity. In some industries, there can be an increased risk of fires as a result of a lack of proper preparation and management. There are many different premises that we have protected, schools, hotels, prisons, hospitals, and many other business premises to name a selection.

We are based in Bristol, and serve businesses and properties across the UK with 4 core values; perfection, integrity, customer care, and passion are at the centre of everything we do. Fire Immunity is an IFC-certified organization as well as a SMAS-accredited company, which ensures that all of our installations comply with industry standards.  Email us at sales@fireimmunity.co.uk or call on 07399488039 or 01174622679 for more information.

Exeter Compartmentation Surveys

Exeter is home to countless historical sites and breathtaking scenery, and containing a population of around 519,000 plus many visiting tourists, fire safety is essential in protecting the many residents.  Fire Immunity focuses on preventing fire spread in buildings throughout the city due to historic buildings and sizeable population numbers. Amendments and implementations are in accordance with approved document b, generally regarded as the principal passive fire protection standard.

Fire Immunity can customise surveys and reports to meet the unique and individual needs of the region’s historical buildings, to perfectly cater to the buildings within Exeter. Additionally, we offer occupied building inspections to help our clients make informed decisions about passive fire safety, as well as extensive fire experience across several industries. In order to maintain fire safety provisions, regular planned preventative maintenance is required in accordance with Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

The purpose of a fire compartmentation system is to prevent fire from spreading throughout the building before the fire brigade arrives. Our teams inspect all compartment lines within your building as part of the visual inspection we conduct. A compartmentation line can be affected by many different defects, and identifying them requires expertise. Our expert team know that a fire test alone will not be sufficient to ensure the safety of numerous buildings; protective barriers, compounding, and pipe cladding are likely to be necessary, and we take all the necessary precautions to prevent every eventuality.

Penetration Sealing and Fire Barriers in Exeter

There are a number of reasons why passive fire protection, such as fire doors and cavity barriers, has become increasingly important to Exeter  businesses in recent years.  It is important for both old and new buildings to protect themselves from fire.  

It is fairly common for high-rise office buildings in city centres to install penetration sealing in the compartment walls of their buildings. This is to prevent fires from spreading between floors and rooms within the building. As a number of incidents are recorded in Exter every month, it is likely that risk assessments have been revisited to ensure the upmost safety precautions are put in place. Our products and fire protection services will keep your employees and residents safe throughout the year. The SMAS specifications guarantee health and safety compliance in the city centre.

The customer relationship is our top priority at Fire Immunity through a careful approach, making quality-driven decisions and a philosophy of doing things right the first time.  Whenever you work with a team that is bright, talented, and passionate about fire safety such as ours, you can rest assured that you will recieve the highest quality service. If your business or residence is in need of advice regarding passive fire solutions, talk to us and we will be sure to assist in making your buildings safer.

Acoustic Sealing in Exeter

Acoustic sealants are used on the interior or exterior walls of buildings hosting events (or near event venues) as they prevent sound from travelling between spaces. The gaps and joints in walls and building structures can be filled in to accomplish this by filling in the gaps and joints within them. The use of acoustic sealants can also provide peace of mind in case of a fire. The occupants will have an easier time evacuating the area if a fire breaks out due to the less rapid spread of smoke and flames. It is important to note that by using acoustic seals, a fire can be prevented from spreading for up to four hours, allowing the fire department sufficient time to prevent extensive damage from happening.

In comparison to standard caulking, audio-sealing products last longer and are tougher. It is generally more expensive for these products than for regular caulking products, but they are still fairly affordable. Due to its sound-to-heat conversion properties, the acoustic sealant reduces your energy bills by keeping heat within your building.

Fire Engine in the Cardiff Fire Service Fleet

Fire Immunity Services

Whenever possible, we always invite potential customers to view and talk with us about our previous fire safety projects in order to make a decision on which solution is best for their business. As one of the leading companies providing fire protection compounds, our services are available in all regions of the United Kingdom and are a cost-effective option for reducing fire risks as well as saving lives as one of the leading companies providing fire protection compounds.

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