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Fire- Rated Partitions

Vertical and Horizontal fire partitions in Bristol & the South-West

Fire safety in the workplace is one of the top priorities for business owners so reducing the risk of any fires spreading should be a top priority. Fire spreads rapidly from room to room and can often be sparked by an electrical fault within a commercial property that cannot always be monitored, especially after hours. Fire Immunity provides fire-rated partitions that prevent fire from spreading throughout a building for up to 200 minutes, all installed by our experts, with IFC (International Fire Consultants) & SMAS (Safety Management Advisory Services) accreditation, across the South-West.

Spread of the Initial Fire

Fires spread rapidly throughout the workplace and home, often due to weak spots in walls and fire doors. Penetration sealing, compounding and strengthening weak spots are all required to prevent the spread of fire but partitioning between rooms reduces the risk of fire spreading between office spaces and ultimately throughout an entire building. 

Protection by Partitioning

In addition to preventing fire spread and maintaining the building’s fire integrity, a partitioning system also boasts an extremely cost-effective solution. We can help you understand which details are to be applied when it comes to fire partitioning measures. Due to our team’s high level of understanding of current legislation, and all of our products meeting the highest specification,  we can provide you with advice and answer any questions/concerns you may have.

Glass Partitions v. Plasterboard Partitions

A typical fire partition wall is made from a gypsum board that is fire-rated, but other materials can also be used. Our top priority is to ensure you have the right products for your working environment.

Double-Glazed Glass Partitions Fire

Glass partitions are what you think they are. Glass fire screens offer 120 minutes of protection, and can be installed along with glass doors and glass partitions. While offering subtle fire protection, these will seamlessly integrate into your design.

Plasterboard Partitions Fire

The manufacture of fire-rated plasterboard uses a special process that differs from that of standard plasterboard; its gypsum core is reinforced by glass fibre. Plasterboard containing glass fibre and additional additives to increase fire resistance with pink paper lining for easy identification.

Get in touch with one of our specialists with years of experience to discuss the best way for you to keep your company safe in the event of a fire, and how to stop the initial fire from starting.



Fire-rated partitions have been regulated and checked by European standards. Fire-resistant partitions and doors must comply with the EN 16034 standard, which specifies the technical performance characteristics.

A fire partition is a wall inside a building that divides specific rooms and floors. Vertical assembly partitions extend from floor to ceiling. Smoke barriers are fire barriers that prevent smoke from spreading.

In addition to structural fire barriers, such as walls, ceilings, and floors, there are non-structural fire barriers such as radiant energy shields and raceway fire barriers. The Electrical Raceway Fire Barrier Systems (ERFBS) are non-structural fire-rated assemblies that enclose electrical cables.