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Here at Fire Immunity, we offer expert fireproofing specialists in Bristol and the surrounding South West areas. We specialise in fire barriers and acoustic sealing services for a range of different industries. Fire barriers, also known as cavity barriers or cavity fire barriers, are one of the most popular methods to protect buildings from fires. They are specifically designed to restrict the movement of fire within a building. Additionally, acoustic sealing prevents sound from travelling through your building, while simultaneously preventing the spread of flames and smoke, thus keeping your building and all occupants safe.

Restrict The Movement Of Fire With Cavity Barriers


Regardless of the precautions you take, fires aren’t 100% avoidable. However, it is possible to stop widespread damage being caused by installing fire-resisting barriers and using specific equipment. Fire barriers, when installed correctly, are used to restrict the movement of fire within a building by closing concealed spaces. Most of the time, fire barriers are installed when the property is built, however this is not always the case with older buildings. At Fire Immunity, our expert team is on hand to inspect your building and test whether the fire prevention tools you have in place are adequate and meet industry standards. If this isn’t the case, we can provide you with a full report detailing changes that need to be made and also quote you for the work that needs completing.

Fire Barriers Are A Legal Requirement

In accordance with UK Building Regulations, cavities and concealed spaces must be divided by cavity barriers to control the spread of fire. If this barrier is in place, a fire is unable to penetrate and spread throughout the concealed space. However, this requirement also depends on the purpose of your building and how large it is. Generally. the bigger a building is. the more cavities and open spaces there are between walls, doors and windows.

Installation & Ongoing Maintenance

Our services do not stop after installation. We offer ongoing maintenance programs to all customers, regardless of the size of your business or premises. What’s more, if a piece of legislation is updated, we will inform you and can even visit your premises to check that your fire prevention systems still conform to all regulations. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team.

Acoustic Sealing For Non-Fire Rated Walls

If you’re having trouble with sound travelling through your building and also want to protect your occupants from fire issues, then acoustic sealing may be just what you need. Acoustic sealing prevents noise from flowing between different rooms by filling every gap and joint space within walls and building structures. This type of sealing is a great noise reduction and soundproofing measure for buildings of all sizes. What’s more, acoustic caulk does not shrink, is non-hardening, and is incredibly effective at absorbing sound – making it the perfect material for adapting to every need or barrier.

Along with its exceptional soundproofing benefits, this type of sealing also helps prevent the spread of smoke and fire. Our qualified fireproofing team will visit your premises, evaluate every vulnerability, and seal them with high-grade acoustic sealant or acoustic caulk.

The Benefits Of Acoustic Sealing

There are several benefits of acoustic sealing in your domestic or commercial building. These benefits include:

Prevents Acoustic Leakage

Opting for acoustic sealing is sure to prevent noise from travelling and converts it into heat, which si the biggest benefit of an acoustic caulk. In addition to reducing noise at home, these devices are also useful in potentially noisy settings such as offices and hospitals. Another benefit of using acoustic caulks in these busy environments is that they can reduce vibrations and noise.

Stress-Free Evaluation & Installation

At Fire Immunity, we aim to keep business interruption to a minimum by working efficiently and ensuring all processes are streamlined and organised. Applying acoustic sealing is a fairly simple process – we identify all the gaps and spaces that need filling and overfill each one with acoustic sealant. Once filled, we will then scrape away any excess material with a special caulking tool to leave all installations looking flush and blended in with the environment.

Provides Peace of Mind

In the event of a fire, the use of an acoustic sealant can provide you with the peace of mind you need. As a result of using this sealant, flames and smoke won’t spread as quickly, which will allow building occupants to escape safely should they need to. Applying acoustic sealing can prevent the spread of fire for up to 4 hours which can give plenty of time for the fire department to prevent extensive damage to your building.

Long-Term Financial Benefits

Audio-sealing products are tougher and last longer than normal caulking. They may have a higher cost than regular caulking products, however are usually still affordable. Due to the sound-to-heat conversion characteristics of acoustic sealant, the material can keep heat within your building which will ultimately lower your energy bills in the long run.

Choose Fire Immunity For Fire Barriers & Acoustic Seals

We are experts in the fireproofing industry and have been delivering 5 stars services for years. We have installed fire barriers and acoustic sealing to properties of all sizes and always aim for exceptional results. We will discuss your requirements, visit your premises, evaluate every vulnerability and then provide suitable solutions for each concer, whether that’s fire barriers, acoustic sealing or any other fire prevention method. Choose Fire Immunity for your Bristol fire protection services today – we won’t let you down.




Depending on the quality of the sealant, generally, you will find that an acrylic-based sealant will last 10 years. However Acoustic silicone sealants can last for over 20 years.

Installing acoustic caulk through your building has huge money-saving benefits and has the potential to prevent external sound by as much as 15%. This can be achieved by simply filling gaps and other spaces between walls and joists. However, to get the best possible outcome with your acoustic project it's recommended that this service is run alongside other building attributes such as double glazing and acoustic panels.

This question ultimately relies on how large your building is you want to service. A large commercial building can take up to a week however if you want to protect one specific room it could be done within a day or two.

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