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Fire Barriers

Protecting your premises from the risk of fire is high on the list for most if not all business owners. One of the most popular methods is to install fire barriers, designed to restrict the movement of fire within a building. If you think this could be a suitable solution for your premises, feel free to contact the team at Fire Immunity in Bristol today.

Restrict the movement of fire


Regardless of the precautions you take, fires aren’t 100% avoidable. However, the installed equipment and fire protection barriers can stop widespread damage. Fire barriers, when installed correctly, are used to restrict the movement of fire within a building by closing concealed spaces. Most fire barriers are installed when the property is built however this may not be the case in older buildings. Fire Immunity in Bristol is on hand to inspect your building and test whether the fire prevention tools you have in place are adequate and meet industry standards. If this isn’t the case, we can provide you with a full report detailing changes that need to be made and also quote you for the work that needs completing.

Why install fire barriers?

Some buildings have cavities between internal and external walls – if these are left unsealed, it may cause a chimney effect. If air can be drawn into the cavity, this increases the risk of a fire accelerating through larger areas of a building. By installing a fire barrier, this area is sealed thus preventing the spread of an active fire from one compartment to others across the building.

Installation and ongoing maintenance

The service that Fire Immunity provides does not stop after installation. Our ongoing maintenance programmes are available to all customers, regardless of the size of your business or premises. If a piece of legislation is updated, we will inform you and can visit your premises to check that your fire prevention systems still conform to all regulations. Get in touch with the team today if you have any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Wall and Floor Penetration Sealing

Fire barriers are structural components made from specialised materials designed to slow the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gases within a building. These fire-stopping fire barriers are strategically placed throughout a structure to section off fire hazards and provide critical passive fire protection. 

Fire barriers are crucial when creating fire-resistant barriers within walls and floors. They prevent fire and smoke from moving through a building, maintaining compartmentation. We use a variety of products to provide effective fire protection.

Cavity fire barriers are known as passive fire protection and play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and integrity of commercial buildings. Specifically designed to contain fires within their point of origin, fire barriers prevent the rapid spread of flames, smoke and toxic gases to other areas of the building. Without installing fire-stopping barriers, you can’t control the spread. By identifying fire hazards and creating distinct fire zones within the building’s structure, you can reduce the risk of fire engulfing the entire building, safeguarding both human lives and valuable property.

Another important reason to install cavity fire barriers in commercial buildings is compliance with building codes and regulations. Meeting strict safety standards and ensuring compliance is not only a legal obligation but also equips the building with the necessary safety measures to protect all occupants. 

Not only that but by containing fires, you can limit the damage and financial losses resulting from uncontrolled flames. 

Ultimately, cavity fire barriers give building owners and occupants peace of mind. Knowing that these barriers are in place and functioning properly means the risk of an uncontrollable fire spreading is minimised, and the safety and security of the building’s occupants and assets are prioritised. 

Click here to speak to a member of our friendly team to see how Fire Immunity can help keep you and your building safe from uncontrollable fires. 

Fire barriers stop the spread of fire, smoke and heat. In the event of a fire, these barriers create a boundary that slows the rapid progression of flames and smoke from one area to another, containing the fire’s impact.

Engineered to withstand ultra-high temperatures, cavity fire barriers can resist the detrimental effects of a fire. These barriers are often made using fire stopping materials, ensuring they maintain their structural integrity even under extreme fire conditions.

These fire stopping fire barriers seal holes within the building’s structure, including openings for pipes, wires or door cavities. Fire barriers incorporate fire-proof elements to effectively close these holes, preventing the passage of fire and smoke. 

Plus, these barriers can control the movement of smoke and heat. This aspect is also crucial for protecting the building’s occupants, as it allows them time to safely evacuate while limiting exposure to the harmful effects of smoke inhalation and heat. 

Cavity barriers are made using fire-resistant and intumescent materials, like cement mortar and glass fibre, that can tolerate high temperatures. These materials help to prevent the detrimental effects of fire. 


By sealing openings in ceilings, floors or walls where pipes, wires and ducts pass through, these fire-proof materials will help slow the passage of fire and smoke.