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South-West England Fire Immunity

Through Fire Immunity, you can build fire resistance for your home or business across the South-West of the United Kingdom in a variety of ways, most of them passive. A lack of proper preparation and management can increase the risk of fires in some industries. Among the business premises, Fire Immunity has protected are schools, hotels, prisons, and hospitals, among many others.

From our headquarters in Bristol, the largest city in the southwest, we service all businesses and properties across the UK with our core values (perfection, integrity, customer care, and passion) at the centre of every project. Our South-West team also reaches as far as Cardiff which is only a short trip across the Welsh border. Fire Immunity is IFC-certified and SMAS-accredited, ensuring that all installations comply with industry standards.  Email us at sales@fireimmunity.co.uk or call on 07399488039 for more information.

South-West Penetration Sealing and Fire Barriers ​

In recent years, passive fire protection, including fire doors and cavity barriers, has become increasingly important to businesses in the southwest.  With only 6 fire & rescue services in the area, fire protection products are of increased importance in both old and new buildings.  In any of the southwest’s 7 counties, fire safety must meet British standards, and fixings must increase fire safety.

To prevent fire from spreading between floors and rooms within a building, many high-rise office buildings in city centres install penetration sealing in compartment walls. With a number of recent fires caused by heatwaves and dry grass in the summer of 2022 in the local authority, risk assessments will have been looked over again. You can ensure your employees and residents are safe all year round with our products and fire protection services. SMAS specifications ensure health and safety compliance no matter where you are located in Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire, Somerset or Wiltshire. At Fire Immunity, customer relations are our priority through a quality-driven approach and a ‘right first time’ philosophy.  You can be assured of the highest quality service by working with a team that is bright, talented and passionate about fire safety in the built environment.  Talk to us about your passive fire concerns and we will be sure to assist in making your buildings safer.


Acoustic Sealing in the South of the UK​

Since the Glastonbury Festival takes place in the district, and the South-west is known for its trip-hop culture, acoustic sealants are used on interior or exterior walls of buildings hosting events (or near event venues) as they prevent sound from travelling between spaces. In order to accomplish this, gaps and joint spaces within walls and building structures can be filled in. In the event of a fire, acoustic sealants can also provide peace of mind. As a result, flames and smoke will spread less quickly, making it easier for occupants to escape. Using acoustic sealing can prevent the spread of fire for up to four hours, allowing the fire department plenty of time to prevent extensive damage.

Front shot of Avon Fire & Rescue Services Head Office in Bristol

 Compared to normal caulking, audio-sealing products are tougher and last longer. The price of these products is usually higher than that of regular caulking products, but they are generally still quite affordable. Its sound-to-heat conversion properties allow the acoustic sealant to keep heat within your building, which will ultimately lead to lower energy bills.

Compartmentation Surveys in the South-West

Geographically the largest of the nine regions of England the South-West contains four world heritage sites and has a population of around 5,289,000. Fire Immunity focuses on preventing fire spread in buildings throughout the region due to its large population. All amendments and implementations are in compliance with approved document b, which is generally accepted as the principal passive fire protection regulation. 

As the region is home to large environmental constructions such as Eden Projects and numerous iconic buildings such as Aardman Animations, Fire Immunity can customize surveys and reports to meet the needs of each individual building. In addition to providing occupied building inspections to help our clients make informed decisions about passive fire safety, we also have extensive experience across various industries. According to Article 17 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, regular planned preventative maintenance is required to maintain fire safety provisions. A fire compartmentation system prevents the spread of fire throughout the building before the fire brigade arrives. As part of the visual inspection we conduct, our teams examine all compartment lines within your building. There are many types of defects that can affect a compartmentation line, and identifying them requires expertise. 

Located in the South-West, which is rich in folklore, a fire test alone will not be sufficient to ensure the safety of numerous buildings; protective barriers, compounding, and pipe cladding are likely to be necessary.

Fire Immunity Services

As part of our process of helping potential customers decide on the best fire safety solution for their business, we always invite them to view and discuss our previous projects with us. Our services are available in all regions of the United Kingdom and are a cost-effective option for reducing fire risks and thus saving lives as one of the leading providers of fire protection compounds.